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sound healings

unlocking your hidden frequencies

Sound Healings, also called Sound Baths, are an ancient healing modality that uses sound frequencies to re-balance and re-tune your body back into wellness and self love.

They are a beautiful experience that usually brings about a feeling of unburdening, lightness, inner stillness and deep grounding.

Each Vocal Sound Healing is unique as Katrina channels the energy of the room to release lower frequencies held within your body and allow you to feel lighter again.

With over 20 years of classical training, professional experience, and spiritual practice, Katrina is an expert at raising the vibrational energy and emotion of a room and leaving clients feeling connected and deeply moved. Katrina is extremely passionate about helping people improve their states of well-being by unlocking the hidden frequencies within them.

If you are interested in joining one of my group healings, working 1:1 or in private groups, learning about our next Frequency Upgrade Events or would like a Vocal Sound Healing Session at your venue please call or email me below.

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As a Quantum Vocalist & Expression Coach, I am passionate about helping people unlock and release unspoken vibrational blocks to give greater voice to their true feelings and gain back the power and freedom of their voice.  I share my knowledge from over 25 years in vocal performance, teaching and facilitating educational and interactive workshops as well as my own transformational journey. This experience allows me to guide my clients towards balanced expression, empowered voice, emotional expansion, freedom and happiness.

Kat is an amazing singer and a beautiful intuitive soul.

Her sound baths are not only calming but so expansive for the body. Her voice is so compatible with crystal bowls that when she sings with them my whole body vibrates.


I always feel completely calm and centered afterwards.

She gives me goosebumps every time. Love it!


"I felt my heart expand and open up with the sound frequencies. It was very healing and empowering.

Her singing was aligned with the bowls and combined perfectly for both a healing and relaxing experience. Loved it.


Once my body attuned to its center I felt myself go super deep, really fast. Faster than meditation. It was incredible! Loved it!

It sustained me for the whole week.


I've never felt loved like that in my life before.


“Clearing out the old” has certainly been happening.


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Vocal Sound Healings

Vocal Sound Healings

Vocal Sound Healings
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Vocal Sound Bath clip - Katrina Noela, Vocal Sound Facilitator

Vocal Sound Bath clip - Katrina Noela, Vocal Sound Facilitator

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Waterfall singing at Twin Falls QLD

Waterfall singing at Twin Falls QLD

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Kat & singing bowl resonance

Kat & singing bowl resonance

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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

"Future Medicine will be the medicine of Frequencies."

Albert Einstein

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