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Vocal Coaching

Know your voice

and forever know freedom!

For those wanting to know about the finer workings of their

voice, body and mind,

vocal coaching is for you.

Katrina Noela's style of coaching is a little bit different from normal lessons because, additional to her extensive vocal training, she comes with NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) certifications, along with trained experience teaching ages 3 - 70 years.

What this means is that Katrina's approach is a holistic one that aims to meet You where You're at right now, then raise the quality and control of your voice at both the physical level and at a deeper, emotional and neurological level - where the brain develops and creates your understanding of your world.


This neurological level is where your belief systems live. Your core belief systems about your voice, about your willingness and ability to speak up. It is about giving your self-esteem and sense of place in yourself, in your body and in this world, a big boost of confidence and stability. Just like a song, there are many angles to understand and express. 

No matter where you're starting from, Your voice IS your key to empowerment and self realization.

Know thy voice. Know thy power. Know thy freedom! ....and sing it out proudly!!

Vocal Coaching available to those who wish to:

  • learn to sing or develop their speaking voice

  • strengthen their tone, &/or vocal muscles

  • develop their professional skill

  • increase their confidence

  • strengthen their speaking voice and projection - for Trainers, Teachers, Business Owners, Salespeople... anyone who uses their voices greatly on a daily basis and needs to sustain vocal health and longevity.

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