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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Angel Blessings

This    Christmas


For families looking for that EXTRA special Christmas WOW factor that no bon bon could ever provide.

Imagine an elegant, classical Angel surprising your family by magically appearing amongst your celebrations and serenading you in your own home... How would they all react? 

With glorious professional vocals, warm smiles and favourite engaging songs to reach into the hearts of your family young and old, you'll be sure to have an extra magical Christmas* that's long remembered by all.

*Non-"Christmas" option with a variety of beautiful arias and music also available

Have a sneak taste now...

The Prayer

Ave Maria 


Christmas Lullaby

What Others Are Saying

Anne, Lyn and Shirley - surprised during a friend's catch up party

"When I read that you were "angelic" I thought, yeah right!

But then you sang, and I realised that that really was the right description of your voice and performance. Thank you, it was beautiful."

Member Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

“Spine tingling, beautiful and confident. A stunning voice.

I could have listened to, and watched you for hours.

Thank you. You brought a tear to my eye." 

Chris Baldock, Renowned Melbourne Theatre Director


"A thrilling and exciting performer, whose sweet voice is nearly as captivating as her incredible personality which

shines through on stage." 

Melbourne Opera

"Everyone commented on how beautiful it was

and I still get tingles listening to you sing on our video."

Sara and Tom P.

"A simple recipe of soprano, good looks and a great sound."

Sammy Sakkal, Monash Philharmonic

"Not only is your voice angelic but you are such a pleasant person to talk with."

Peter M.

"You were the highlight!!! People just loved your voice!"

Monica and Vince B.


"Your version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was so emotional for us. Every other song was perfect too and lifted the atmosphere."

Rich & Celeste A.

"Our guests loved you! You have such a genuine nature that warmed the room instantly. Your charm, humor and incredible talent was very engaging. Thank you - thoroughly enjoyed!"

Apple Australia Staff Member


"Thanks to Katrina for providing the pre-show entertainment for Jessica Watson's presentation. What a spectacular voice!" 

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

"Your performance was peerless. You brought a grace and dignity to the day that touched the hearts of everyone.

Your empathy and professional ability made your presence stand amongst us as one, not as of the hired. 

My words could never express the gratitude I feel for your

heartfelt contribution."

Steve and Bev G.

"A sensitive and expressive singer, an impressive performer,

felt from the heart."  

Bettine McCaughan

"An exquisite angelic voice and a beautiful personality.

What a blessing for the senses!"

Jyden and Anita M.

"This girl has the most pure gift equal to anyone the world over, with a voice for the luckiest to listen to."

John W.

That sounds perfect!

With a special friends' offer of only $250 (saving over $750 off the price of a Professional Feature Act)

Book the Angelic Katrina Noela today and feel the magic this Christmas with your party's

greatest surprise yet!

...the kids will be SO excited!

...and the bigger kids will be elated too!

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